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What happens if I get caught driving without insurance?

In an ideal world, you should never own a car without having the adequate insurance to protect it and yourself. Even if you are not actively driving the car, theoretically it could become damaged when parked on your drive or sidewalk.

Many Americans depend on their car to get them to work every day, drive their kids to school and even to carry out their day-to-day job requirements. Therefore, damaging your car without insurance or having your license suspended due to a lack of insurance can have serious financial consequences. This is why it's extremely important to adequately insure your car.

Residents concerned after second fatal pedestrian accident

Within the first three days of October, a 67-year-old man died in a pedestrian accident that occurred in Champaign, Illinois. Reports indicate that the accident happened at around 8 p.m., as the man was crossing the road near Bradley and Willis Avenue.

The driver that struck the man remained on scene and did not appear be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Reports also indicate that the driver did not appear to be distracted when the pedestrian accident occurred.

Are you familiar with the top causes of car accidents?

You never know want to be part of a car accident, but you know that this could happen at some point in the future. You take a risk every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle.

Fortunately, knowing the top causes of car accidents can go a long way in helping you avoid trouble on the road. There is no guarantee that you will never be part of an accident, but knowledge is power when it comes to staying safe.

Preventing neck and back pain in the workplace

When one thinks of injuries in the workplace, the ailments and injuries obtained by construction workers and miners usually come to mind. But the propensity for office workers to suffer as a result of their working environment should not be ignored, and it should be remembered that there are legal protections in place for them as well.

Neck and back injuries are very common for office workers. This blog will provide an introduction into how to prevent these injuries, and what to do if your employer is not compliant in injury prevention.

Safety tips for bicycle commuters

As a bicycle commuter, you understand the many challenges of this mode of transportation.

Although there are risks, such as being part of an accident with a motor vehicle, you also understand the many benefits of riding your bicycle to and from work or school.

Facts about drunk driving in Illinois

If people increase their knowledge of a topic, it makes sense that they will be able to make better decisions about the subject matter. This is true of drunk driving. No one wants to be involved in a car accident because they have overindulged in alcohol.

Many states make facts and information about drunk driving available to residents. Illinois is no exception. One of the ways the state addresses this subject is by publishing drunk driving information on the website of the Illinois Secretary of State.

Do you know the common causes of work related injuries?

Regardless of your profession or job responsibilities, you should never overlook the fact that you could suffer some type of on the job injury.

These are some of the many employment related injuries to be aware of, a few of which may be extremely common in your line of work. Here are five of the top causes of work related injuries:

  • Heavy lifting. If you're required to lift heavy objects, day in and day out, you're at risk of suffering an injury, such as one to your back or neck.
  • Slip and fall. This is exactly what it sounds like. You slip and fall at your place of employment, possibly as the result of wet floors or debris.
  • Repetitive motion. Do you do the same job, day in and day out? Depending on the activity, such as typing on the computer, it could lead to a repetitive motion injury or cumulative trauma.
  • Machine related injuries. Heavy equipment can cause a serious injury or even death.
  • Motor vehicle accidents. Many people drive for a living. Additionally, many people work in close proximity to vehicles, such as those tasked with unloading or loading trucks in a warehouse setting.

Preventing tiredness at the wheel

Driving requires a large amount of concentration, especially when operating a large truck and driving long distances. It's a common issue, but it can be largely ignored as something that is the cause of countless deaths each year. It has been reported that in up to one-quarter of all highway vehicle accidents, driver fatigue played a significant role.

This blog will provide a brief overview into how driver fatigue can be prevented, and what to do if you are concerned about bringing safety issues up with your employer.

Commercial truck companies likely to sue car drivers

Commercial trucks and other large commercial vehicles can be very intimidating when driving alongside one a highway. This intimidation that a car driver may feel when passing one by is for good reason: they can cause a great deal of damage and because of their sheer weight and force, can be fatally dangerous.

Because of their danger, truck drivers have to go through rigorous training and are subject to frequent drug tests. Truck companies are also not ignorant to both the potential for disaster and the liability that they may be subject to in the event of an incident involving one of their trucks.

How to obtain compensation after a motor vehicle accident

If you are part of a motor vehicle accident, it's important to turn your attention to your health and well-being. There is no time to waste when it comes to treating your injuries.

Once you know what the road to recovery will entail, it's time to turn your attention to the various ways to obtain compensation for your injuries and other damages. Some of your options include:

  • Insurance coverage. In addition to the other driver's insurance policy, your insurer may be on the hook to compensate you for injuries and other damages.
  • Multiple claims. An example of this would be if one of the vehicles in the crash was defective, like a stuck accelerator pedal.
  • Workers' compensation. This only comes into play if the accident occurred while you were on the job.
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