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Trucking safety in winter

The winter months can present new dangers to any driver, but they can be extremely hazardous to truck drivers that are carrying heavy loads. Every year, there are countless accidents and fatalities due to the winter weather and unprepared truck drivers.

As a truck driver, it is vital that you are constantly seeking to improve on your driving habits so that you are always driving safely, whatever the weather.

Hit by a truck? Here's what you should know

You were traveling on the interstate when a truck driver suddenly began to pull into your lane. He recognized his error, but it was too late. Moments later, your car struck the median and screeched across the truck's side. Your vehicle, although on the larger side, was crushed on one side, and you suffered serious injuries.

Although you're fortunate to be alive, there are still things that you want to see happen. You want the driver to be held accountable, you need to know where the money for your care is coming from and how you'll support yourself and your family while you recover.

Black ice causes fatal accidents

Black ice is one of the most dangerous weather hazards Illinois drivers face in the winter. When this type of weather is in the forecast, those who can stay in and off the roads should do so, and trusting your life to commercial drivers is not a good idea either.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Chicago area was under a winter weather freeze that included black ice. Illinois police had their hands full trying to respond to incident calls coming in. In Will County alone, around 200 accidents and other incidents were estimated to have occurred.

Understanding liability if you're attacked or bitten by a dog

Dogs are often called man's best friend, but they can also be a terrifying enemy. Some dogs get raised in a way that encourages aggressive or dangerous behavior. Owners who want a dog to protect a property may train it to attack anyone but themselves. Some people beat, starve or mistreat dogs with the intent of making the dog fight other dogs in an illegal dog fighting ring. Sometimes, dogs that have always seemed like great companions suddenly snap, perhaps due to previous abuse or inbreeding, attacking someone who just happened to be nearby.

Whatever the cause of the dog bite attack, the victims often find themselves in a situation with a lot of medical bills. Thankfully, Illinois law is very clear that owners are responsible for any damage caused by their animals, even if the dog has never attacked anyone before. Victims have a right to compensation after experiencing a dog bite attack.

Are you familiar with these miter saw safety tips?

When it comes to miter saw safety, you can't afford to make a single mistake. If you do, the end result could be some form of injury, such as a deep laceration or amputation.

Fortunately, if you're always paying attention to your safety and well-being, you shouldn't run into any issues when using a miter saw.

Dealing with an incident with an uninsured driver

Being involved in a car crash is stressful enough, without the added inconvenience of being involved in one with an uninsured driver. Usually, being insured is a legal requirement in a state; however, there are many drivers that choose to ignore this and run the risk of driving uninsured.

If caught in Illinois, an uninsured driver can be charged $1,000. They may also face a license suspension for up to three months. But if they become involved in an accident, the determining factor is who is at fault in regard to the accident.

Wrongful death accident victims: who speaks for them?

When someone is killed in an auto accident due to someone else's negligence, who is their voice? That might be the question one asks when hearing about a fatal crash caused by a drunk driver.

Despite the fact that the laws have become more stringent over the past decade when it comes to drunk driving, violators of DUI laws are still on the road. Drivers who are impaired by drugs, whether prescription or illegal, also populate public roads and highways -- and whether intentional or not, they are often the cause of serious auto accidents.

You can personally do things to prevent a car-pedestrian crash

As a pedestrian, you hope that all drivers in close proximity are paying attention to the road. If they're not, the chance of an accident is much greater.

However, there's something else you need to know: There are steps you can personally take to prevent a car-pedestrian crash. There is no guarantee you'll never find yourself in this position, but you might as well do whatever you can to avoid trouble.

An alleged drunk driver kills a Morton firefighter

A firefighter with the Morton Fire Department was killed by a suspected drunk driver on Thursday, Jan. 11. Dispatchers first started receiving reports of a two-car collision near the intersection of Timber Creek Trail and Mossy Trail right around 11:53 p.m.

When officers arrived on the crash scene, they encountered an unresponsive man lying in the middle of the road. Paramedics confirmed that he'd already died once they arrived on the scene.

How much do you know about Illinois workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation insurance laws are governed by each state. In Illinois, all employers who have employees are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. If you are injured while on the job, this insurance coverage should take the place of any other health care insurance coverage you might have.

What type of injuries are covered?

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