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Property owners may present defenses to slip and fall claims

Suffering a damaging slip and fall accident while out shopping or running errands can be painful for a victim in more ways than one. An Illinois resident who suffers injuries in such an event may be left bruised, battered, and distressed from lasting ailments that may affect all parts of their body. They may also incur significant medical bills as they work to improve their health and get back on their feet after their fall.

Victims of slip and fall accidents can often seek compensation for their losses through civil litigation. A victim who can prove their case and all of the elements of their legal claims may prevail and be awarded financial damages; many defendants, though, will do what they can to avoid this costly outcome.

Truck accident fatality leads to civil litigation

A head-on collision between a bus and a semi-truck claimed two lives in Illinois on an early December day in 2018. The driver of the truck and a passenger on the bus involved in the accident lost their lives, and other passengers on the bus suffered injuries that required medical attention. Just recently, the widow of the bus victim who died in the crash filed a lawsuit claiming losses for his wrongful death.

She alleges that the driver of the truck failed to use reasonable care in the operation of the truck, and as a result her lawsuit includes as defendants the owner of the truck and his trucking company. According to information released about the crash, the truck driver allowed his rig to cross the center line of the road and crash head-on with the bus.

What should a worker do after suffering an on-the-job injury?

Accidents happen everywhere, but when they occur at work individuals may have the right to recover compensation for their losses. In Illinois, hurt workers may be able to secure financial support through workers' compensation claims when their injuries are suffered while they are doing their jobs. This post offers some guidance on steps workers may want to take after getting hurt on-the-job but should not be substituted for individual legal guidance.

First, it is important that workers report their injuries to their bosses. If a worker does not report their harm, then their employer will not have notice of its occurrence. This can pose problems for a worker later on when they must explain when and where they were hurt. This may jeopardize one's ability to recover the compensation to which he or she may otherwise be entitled.

Reduce your chances of a car collision by avoiding these actions

Illinois motorists commit grave errors every day on the road. Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, making a serious mistake doesn't result in a crash. However, when you commit errors and do dangerous things on the road again and again, eventually it could result in a catastrophic or fatal incident.

To help you stay safe and prevent injuries to you, your family and other people on the road, here's an important "Do Not Do" list:

Conditions that may cause serious outdoor slip and fall accidents

It is officially winter and Peoria residents may be sick of dealing with the snow, ice, and slush that is accumulating on their driveways and vehicles this holiday week. While many people love having a white Christmas, after several weeks of wet and cold weather most individuals would welcome a break from the bombardment of winter weather they often face during the cold months of the year.

Winter precipitation can be more than a nuisance, however. It can become a danger when it is not properly managed and cleared. Snow and ice are just a few of the outdoor conditions that can cause individuals to suffer serious slip and fall accidents when they leave their homes to visit their friends or local shops and restaurants.

Distracted driving can be a cause of truck accidents

Truck drivers spend days on the open road. Mile after mile, state after state, they must stay alert to avoid collisions with other motor vehicles and to prevent themselves from becoming unsafe through exhaustion or distraction. In Illinois and throughout the country, truck drivers and other commercial vehicle drivers are prohibited from using cellphones and other electronic devices that can take their eyes off the roads while they drive.

Under regulations promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck drivers may not send messages or make phone calls if doing so require them to push more than one button on their handheld devices. If a device requires them to use a keyboard, enter passwords or otherwise engage in multiple button pushes, it is not permissible for commercial drivers to use the device.

What causes auto accidents involving motorcycles?

Riding a motorcycle can be an adventure. A motorcycle lets an Illinois resident have a closer connection to their surroundings than they get when they are in a standard vehicle. In addition, the maneuverability of two-wheeled vehicles is significantly better than that of most cars. However, riding a motorcycle can also be a dangerous undertaking, especially when other drivers act negligently.

Motorcycle accidents are often serious because riders do not have the protection of seat belts, auto frames and airbags to keep them safe. There is nothing to protect a motorcyclist when they are thrown from their vehicle and therefore they can suffer serious injuries from hitting the road and other structures that may be in their path.

Protect your health and rights after a dog bite attack

Most canine pets are loyal, kind members of Illinois residents' families. Whether they are big or small, active or peaceful, dogs can enrich the lives of the people who own them. When dog owners act responsibly and take proper care to manage and train their pets, those pets can interact without incident with others. However, some pets are not given the support they need by their owners and can lash out when they are startled, provoked, or otherwise confronted with strangers.

After suffering a dog bite or related attack, it is important that a victim is seen by a medical professional. While the passage of diseases from dogs to humans is rare, it is possible for rabid dogs to transmit rabies to individuals through their saliva. Rabies can be fatal to humans and requires medical treatment to cure and therefore consulting with a doctor after one's attack is a necessary and critical step in their recovery.

Workplace hazards: Questions about electrocution

Coming into direct contact with an electrified wire can result in catastrophic injuries and death. For this reason, it's vital that all Illinois workers understand a few things about the basics of electricity -- especially if they work in the construction industry or in some other job where electrocution risks are high.

Here are a few common questions about electricity and electrocution with which workers should familiarize themselves:

Can I sue a distracted driver?

Seeking damages after an auto accident can be an important step toward recovery for a Peoria resident. When a victim is confident that they know the cause of their harm, then they may be ready to begin their first steps toward litigation. A case often begins by proving that another driver was negligent.

Negligence is a legal term that applies when a person does not meet the standard of care expected of them given their circumstances. Drivers on Illinois streets and highways owe each other a duty to act reasonably and follow the rules of the road. It is next to impossible for a driver to meet that duty if they are distracted.

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