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What causes auto accidents involving motorcycles?

Riding a motorcycle can be an adventure. A motorcycle lets an Illinois resident have a closer connection to their surroundings than they get when they are in a standard vehicle. In addition, the maneuverability of two-wheeled vehicles is significantly better than that of most cars. However, riding a motorcycle can also be a dangerous undertaking, especially when other drivers act negligently.

Motorcycle accidents are often serious because riders do not have the protection of seat belts, auto frames and airbags to keep them safe. There is nothing to protect a motorcyclist when they are thrown from their vehicle and therefore they can suffer serious injuries from hitting the road and other structures that may be in their path.

Protect your health and rights after a dog bite attack

Most canine pets are loyal, kind members of Illinois residents' families. Whether they are big or small, active or peaceful, dogs can enrich the lives of the people who own them. When dog owners act responsibly and take proper care to manage and train their pets, those pets can interact without incident with others. However, some pets are not given the support they need by their owners and can lash out when they are startled, provoked, or otherwise confronted with strangers.

After suffering a dog bite or related attack, it is important that a victim is seen by a medical professional. While the passage of diseases from dogs to humans is rare, it is possible for rabid dogs to transmit rabies to individuals through their saliva. Rabies can be fatal to humans and requires medical treatment to cure and therefore consulting with a doctor after one's attack is a necessary and critical step in their recovery.

Workplace hazards: Questions about electrocution

Coming into direct contact with an electrified wire can result in catastrophic injuries and death. For this reason, it's vital that all Illinois workers understand a few things about the basics of electricity -- especially if they work in the construction industry or in some other job where electrocution risks are high.

Here are a few common questions about electricity and electrocution with which workers should familiarize themselves:

Can I sue a distracted driver?

Seeking damages after an auto accident can be an important step toward recovery for a Peoria resident. When a victim is confident that they know the cause of their harm, then they may be ready to begin their first steps toward litigation. A case often begins by proving that another driver was negligent.

Negligence is a legal term that applies when a person does not meet the standard of care expected of them given their circumstances. Drivers on Illinois streets and highways owe each other a duty to act reasonably and follow the rules of the road. It is next to impossible for a driver to meet that duty if they are distracted.

A denied workers' compensation claim may be appealed

After a workplace injury, it can be hard for a person to imagine jumping back into their job. They may need time to recover from the harm that they sustained and they may need financial help to get through their period of healing. In such cases, Illinois residents may choose to file for workers' compensation benefits to get back on their feet and ready to work.

However, needing workers' compensation benefits is not the only requirement for securing such help. A worker must apply for workers' compensation and must meet a variety of criteria to prevail on their claim. If their application is insufficient or deficient in some way, it may be rejected.

Protect your rights after a serious truck collision

Vehicle collisions on Illinois highways can be deadly and can change the course of Peoria residents' lives. They may deprive individuals of their loved ones, cause serious physical injuries, and inflict emotional trauma and pain and those who survive their ordeals. When a collision occurs between a personal vehicle and a large commercial truck, the damages imparted on the victims can be even more significant due to the massive size of the truck.

Trucks take longer to stop than smaller vehicles, are harder to move around on the roads, and require extra licensing to legally drive. Their more challenging operations and inherent dangers can make them difficult to control and prone to accidents when in the hands of drivers who are not prepared to maintain them.

Manufacturing injuries can lead to the loss of a limb or function

Blue collar workers face a lot of potential risks on the job. Working with your hands and body creates an infinite number of ways that someone could end up hurt on the job.

Manufacturing particularly has its own special set of workplace dangers. Workers are vulnerable to acquiring injuries in several different ways.

Can I get rabies from a dog bite?

Just as most people choose to stay up to date on their vaccinations, so too do most pet owners take care of their animals' required shots. In Illinois, domestic dogs are required to have rabies vaccinations to prevent them from developing the dangerous and life-threatening disease. Unlike some illnesses that canines carry, rabies can be transmitted from dogs to humans through saliva and bites.

Rabies is a virus that affects the nervous systems of its victims. A person who contracts rabies may not know they have it, but, according to WebMD, more than 99 percent of people left untreated who experience symptoms of rabies will die.

Can I claim loss of consortium damages after my spouse was hurt?

Catastrophic car accident injuries can hurt more people than just the person who suffered the injuries. For example, the victim's family members could also suffer indirect harm due to the loss of family income, the loss of love and affection, and the loss of household services.

When focusing on the way a spouse and children can be harmed when a parent, husband or wife gets hurt, this is called "loss of consortium." When filing a personal injury action after a car accident, it's not uncommon for family members of the victims to include damage claims for loss of consortium.

The legal elements of a slip-and-fall lawsuit

Readers of this Illinois personal injury legal blog may know that when they elect to sue another party for their damages, they must first build a case that provides evidence of their included claims. That evidence must support the various legal elements of the claims the individual wishes to use as their means of collecting their damages. This post will look at what is required of a slip-and-fall victim to prove in order to demonstrate the veracity of their claims.

One of the first elements that must be satisfied in a is the need for the victim to show that the responsible party owed them a duty. Prior posts have discussed what can happen when individuals with different legal statuses (such as trespassers, visitors, and invitees) are on other people's land. A victim may been to have permission to be on the responsible party's land in order to be owed a duty of care by them.

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