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What should I do about my unsafe working environment?

When you have a reason to believe that your workplace is unsafe, it is likely to make you feel stressed and worried. Perhaps you believe that a serious accident could be imminent, but you feel pressure from your managers to keep working anyway.

Health and safety in the workplace are extremely important, and you should not take any risks. As a worker, the state makes it easier for you to be able to take action in regard to workplace health and safety concerns. They do this by putting in place protections for you as a whistleblower.

Freeport basketball team in accident returning from game

Saturday night, after the Highland Community College basketball team took on North Dakota State College of Science, they were returning to Freeport when their bus was involved in an accident injuring nine players. The accident occurred around 6:45 p.m., in Wright County on Interstate 94.

They were traveling east in a Coach bus when apparently the driver experienced a medical issue. Crashing into the median, the bus continued hitting trees and a freeway sign for another quarter of a mile or so. Finally, swerving back onto the road and then into the ditch, the bus came to a halt.

Hospital workers face many potential work-related injuries

Hospital workers and nurses are among the most at-risk workers in the United States when it comes to injuries on the job. In fact, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), hospital workers have more per capita missed work injuries than many other dangerous jobs.

While 147.4 construction workers out of every 100,000 full-time employees end up injured and missing work in any given year, that number is 157.5 for hospital workers. Working in a hospital carries a greater risk of injury than working on a construction site. That fact surprises many people, as does the face that overexertion is the single biggest cause of hospital worker injury.

What are the signs of a spinal cord injury?

A spinal cord injury is every bit as serious as it sounds, as this is one of the most important parts of your body.

You can suffer a variety of injuries in a motor vehicle accident, with those impacting your spinal cord having the potential to change your life forever

Car accidents and emotional trauma

Being involved in a serious car accident can change your life forever. Physical injury can be very damaging in an accident, causing pain and suffering for months, if not years. However, what is less commonly talked about is the emotional trauma that people can suffer.

It is estimated that nationally, around 9 percent of car accident survivors go on to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a consequence of their experience.

Forklift inside semi sets off explosion at UPS Freight

In Rock Island, Illinois, workers at UPS Freight showed up at work like any other day, but unfortunately, an unexpected turn of events made it a very unordinary day. The day was just beginning around 5 a.m., when one of the workers turned over the ignition on a forklift. An immediate explosion occurred.

This UPS site, on 31st Street, stored its forklifts inside a semi-trailer. This is where the forklift was when the blast took place. The explosion is believed to have been caused by a leaky propane tank in one of the forklifts. When the forklift's ignition was turned over, a spark must have ignited the propane.

Do you know how to drive safely in foggy conditions?

As one of our Illinois readers, you may have some experience with driving in foggy conditions. Regardless of the time of year or time of day, you know that fog can move into the area.

Unfortunately, if you find yourself on the road, you'll soon come to realize that it's a challenge to remain safe. The reason for this is simple: You can't see where you are going.

Trucking safety in winter

The winter months can present new dangers to any driver, but they can be extremely hazardous to truck drivers that are carrying heavy loads. Every year, there are countless accidents and fatalities due to the winter weather and unprepared truck drivers.

As a truck driver, it is vital that you are constantly seeking to improve on your driving habits so that you are always driving safely, whatever the weather.

Hit by a truck? Here's what you should know

You were traveling on the interstate when a truck driver suddenly began to pull into your lane. He recognized his error, but it was too late. Moments later, your car struck the median and screeched across the truck's side. Your vehicle, although on the larger side, was crushed on one side, and you suffered serious injuries.

Although you're fortunate to be alive, there are still things that you want to see happen. You want the driver to be held accountable, you need to know where the money for your care is coming from and how you'll support yourself and your family while you recover.

Black ice causes fatal accidents

Black ice is one of the most dangerous weather hazards Illinois drivers face in the winter. When this type of weather is in the forecast, those who can stay in and off the roads should do so, and trusting your life to commercial drivers is not a good idea either.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Chicago area was under a winter weather freeze that included black ice. Illinois police had their hands full trying to respond to incident calls coming in. In Will County alone, around 200 accidents and other incidents were estimated to have occurred.

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