Elderly driver causes two-car Illinois crash

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April 5, 2013

A personal injury lawsuit usually arises in the context of a negligence claim brought by an injured driver against another driver alleged to be at fault for causing a crash. The other driver may have violated a traffic rule, been fatigued or distracted, or possibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs — prescription or otherwise. In today’s story, however, an elderly Illinois man traveling with his wife is believed to be the cause of a two-vehicle crash that ended in the loss of his wife’s life.

The car accident occurred on U.S. Route 34/67, on a recent weekday afternoon. According to authorities, the 78-year-old man may not have yielded to oncoming traffic as he turned onto the highway at in intersection near Monmouth. Another car, driven by a 39-year-old man, struck the elderly couple’s car on the passenger side.

The elderly man’s wife, without the protection of a seat belt, was thrown from the car and sustained fatal injuries. The elderly man, who was belted in, sustained only non-life threatening injuries. He was transported to a local medical center for treatment. The oncoming driver reportedly sustained minor injuries but refused medical treatment.

Police cited the elderly man with a traffic violation for his alleged failure to yield at the intersection. The 39-year-old man may have subsequently sought medical attention for his minor injuries. In addition, his car may have sustained property damage. If he were to seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit against the elderly man, the traffic citation might prove to be persuasive evidence to a jury, as well as any accident reports and crash photographs taken at the scene.

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