Illinois families concerned about nursing home abuse, injuries

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June 8, 2013

As life expectancies continue to increase, Illinois readers may relate to those who are searching for a long-term care facility or nursing home for a loved one. The search may bring up apprehension, considering various scandals in recent news headlines exposing allegations of nursing home abuse, injures or neglect.

However, a new facility in Peoria, Illinois might satisfy even the most discerning consumers. Costing around $45 million, the new construction will house 214 beds and be owned and operated by Peoria County. Called Heddington Oaks, the facility is reported to have new technologies and garnered high praise.

For readers with a loved one at another facility, there can be signs that indicate that a facility’s care may not meet industry standards. For example, behavioral changes might be a response to a medication error. Considering the sheer volume of pharmaceutical prescriptions prescribed to many seniors, the chance of an incorrect dosage or even medication may be high.

Other signs might include unexplained bruises or injuries. If rough treatment is suspected, some families might utilize new pocketsize technologies and install a hidden camera in a resident’s room. One recent media story involved this very tactic, capturing on videotape two staff personnel committing abuse of the elderly.

Finally, an attorney that specializes in nursing home abuse might have advice to offer about investigative methods and the evidence needed to bring a personal injury lawsuit, in the event misconduct is discovered. An attorney might also know how to achieve a monetary settlement that doesn’t involve a lengthy trial.

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