Police looking for perpetrator in Illinois hit-and-run accident

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September 12, 2013

A pedestrian was walking along the shoulder of an Illinois road when he was struck by a pickup truck.  The driver then fled the scene rather than assist the injured man.  The pedestrian was eventually taken to a local hospital where he reportedly suffered non-life threatening injuries.  

The sheriff’s department for the county where the accident occurred is now seeking the public’s help in identifying and locating the driver of the motor vehicle.  Those with information can either call the sheriff’s office directly or leave a message on an anonymous tip line.

We hope that authorities do discover the responsible party. Generally the perpetrator is eventually discovered, but there are some cases where the identity of the driver in a hit-and-run car accident is never discovered.

Motor vehicle accidents will continue to occur, but there is no excusing of individuals leaving the scene of the accident while leaving an injured party to find their own help. By leaving the scene, the driver has not only attempted to flee from responsibility, that driver may also have prevented immediate medical care from arriving to assist the injured party.

Not knowing the individual responsible for an accident can cause difficulties for the injured party. There is a question about insurance coverage and about who will compensate the victim for all of his medical expenses, wage losses and pain and suffering.

Personal injury attorneys will help in any way that they can. These attorneys will investigate the accident, recreate how the accident occurred, attempt to identify the responsible parties and take steps to ensure that injured parties and family members receive compensation for their ordeal.

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