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SUV driver fails to see motorcycle, Springfield rider injured

It’s a common excuse, but it isn’t a good one: drivers of cars and trucks say they just didn’t see the motorcyclists they hit and injured. Motorcyclists in Illinois and across the country campaign every year to try to raise awareness about sharing the road with riders, but the reality is that motorcyclists still face serious risks, especially when drivers of larger vehicles fail to see smaller vehicles on the road.

The well-worn excuse of not seeing a motorcycle was given again after a recent crash in Springfield. A 22-year-old man suffered critical injuries when a young woman apparently turned left into the rider’s path. The young man was wearing a helmet but was still taken to St. John’s Hospital in critical condition.

According to police, a 20-year-old woman driving an SUV had been traveling south when she tried turning east and hit the westbound motorcyclist. He was thrown from the bike.

Another driver behind the motorcycle said the young man did not appear to be speeding.

No citations were initially given, but it would appear that some form of violation occurred. Police reportedly spent several hours investigating the crash site. A picture in The State Journal-Register shows the motorcycle and debris strewn across the road.

It remains to be seen whether or not the injured motorcyclist will pursue compensation for damages through a personal injury lawsuit. Often insurance companies will make an initial offer that doesn’t cover the full cost of damages, and it becomes necessary to take action in civil court to achieve the full measure of justice.

Serious auto accidents can have lifelong negative consequences, and injured parties should be aware of their legal options for holding negligent parties accountable.

Source: The State Journal-Register, “Springfield man critically injured in motorcycle crash,” Oct. 1, 2013