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Drivers may be more prone to pedestrian accidents in winter

By now, even readers that forgot to set their clocks back for daylight saving time will have adjusted to the new schedule. However, a recent article questions that it make take more time for drivers to employ the extra safety precautions needed for this time of year.

Specifically, the hour differential means that many office workers may be traveling their commute home in the dark — and the drivers may not be accustomed to having to watch for pedestrians moving about in limited lighting. In fact, many local officials were so concerned that they issued a safety advisory. Their concern is backed by statistical data: Across the country, the number of pedestrian-related accidents spikes after the time change. 

The potential injuries that can result from a car accident are enough to give anyone pause, but when a pedestrian is involved, the outcome is often deadly. At a minimum, the expenses arising after a pedestrian accident may far exceed insurance coverage. Without the assistance of a personal injury attorney, accident victims may even fear bankruptcy.

However, an experienced auto accident lawyer might have strategies for compiling evidence that will present a strong case. Whether that evidence includes accident reconstruction, expert testimony or plain old witness testimony, an attorney might have techniques for investigating the truth behind an accident and exposing a driver’s negligence.

Pedestrians in crosswalks that are complying with traffic signals have the legal right of way, and any driver that causes injury to them should be held accountable and provide monetary compensation for damages and pain and suffering.

Source:, “Leaving Daylight Saving Time means more pedestrian accidents,” Mark Christian, Oct. 29, 2013