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Memorial honors police officer killed in drunk driving accident

The memorial service for the victim of an alleged drunk driving accident was recently held in Pontiac, Illinois. However, this was no ordinary service. The victim, a 29-year-old police officer, was honored alongside his canine partner, was part of the local K-9 police unit.

According to authorities, an alleged 33-year-old male drunk driver struck the officer in his marked police car, which was parked on I-55 north in the center crossover. The accident occurred near Pontiac, about 85 miles outside of Chicago to the southwest.

A fatal car accident can leave surviving loved ones struggling to make sense of the tragedy, and longing for some sense of justice to be brought against the negligent driver responsible for the crash. Those feelings may be intensified in the case of an alcohol-related crash, where a jury would likely agree that no driver can be responsible or safe behind the wheel while driving while intoxicated.

Yet the last thing that grieving survivors want to deal with is a wrongful death lawsuit. Fortunately, an experienced wrongful death lawyer may know how to bring a case against the negligent driver with a minimum of interference to the survivors.

An attorney likely has experience in reviewing accident reports and reconstructing data from the crash scene to prove that a driver’s conduct departed from the standard of care expected of safe drivers. In this case, such evidence might include the offender’s blood alcohol content and any police observations of the driver’s appearance, any alcohol smell on his breath, and behavior immediately after the crash.  

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