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$12 million settlement given to injured veteran

In Illinois, doctors are held to a high standard. There are medical boards, tests, and even years of practice that go into learning to be a doctor or surgeon. When mistakes happen, it’s important that your medical provider takes responsibility for his or her error. In this recent case from Dec. 3, a veteran of the Vietnam war has received $12 million to cover his needs after a medical error left him with brain damage.

In 2007, the veteran headed to the Hines V.A. Hospital to have an oral surgery completed. A relatively minor surgery, it was likely expected to go smoothly. But, there was a problem; the man had a heart condition, and the hospital staff allegedly did not monitor it or him well enough during the time when he was under anesthesia. He faced a complication that resulted in cardiac arrest, and now he says he suffers from brain damage.

The man may now have difficulties in his life, depending on the severity of the brain damage he suffered, and there is no reason that a lack of monitoring should be acceptable in this case, especially if his heart condition was known. He sued the hospital, according to the news, and now he’ll be receiving $12 million from the federal government that he says he’s going to use to help pay for his medical costs and day-to-day needs.

Medical negligence and medical errors can lead to life-changing problems with your health, even when you’re just going through a routine procedure. If you’ve been injured by a doctor or medical provider who wasn’t prepared for the operation or surgery that was completed, you deserve to have your voice heard. You may be able to receive compensation to help you cover your medical care needs and financial strain.

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