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Fisher-Price the center of controversy in Illinois, other states

In Illinois, there are plenty of products that could lead to injury or death on the market, even those that aren’t actually defective. Usually, these items are recalled. However, one recent item released by Fisher-Price is under a lot of scrutiny from the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. This product is considered a dangerous product, according to the group, because it encourages parents to leave their children alone and it isn’t healthy for a baby’s development.

The report from Dec. 11 states that the seat is what some would consider an electronic babysitter. The infant seat has an attachment that allows an iPad to be inserted, so babies can watch video content. The group’s director has claimed that babies thrive when spoken to, when they are played with, and when they are cuddled. Leaving them alone with what is essentially a TV program isn’t something that helps a baby, according to her argument.

Fisher-Price has claimed that the seat, called the Apptivity Seat, is a niche product. It is only available online, and it is offered next to over a dozen more styles of seats for infants. Fisher-Price also claims that the product isn’t supposed to be seen as an educational product. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, electronic screen time is actually discouraged for children under two years of age. The group has done research that allegedly shows that infant videos can delay language development.

In this case, the product itself has not been recalled, but it could be if it’s found to be detrimental to a child’s health. Although this is the case this time, if you’ve found that a product you bought hurt your child, you may want to consider seeking compensation to cover the damage it caused.

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