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February 2014 Archives

Illinois car accident kills one individual

Despite all the warnings and public service announcements about drunk driving, many people still choose to drive a vehicle while intoxicated. Car accidents that occur after people have been drinking should not be something that is taken lightly; however, it becomes much more heartbreaking and strenuous when there are friends involved. One Illinois car accident recently changed three individuals' lives forever.

Illinois car accident with bus leaves four injured

Most drivers know that each time they get behind a wheel of a car that there is a possibility that a car accident can happen. Car accidents are frightening and many times unavoidable. An Illinois car accident leaves some students injured and a man cited for driving too fast.

Illinois car accident injures four

While driving around town, a person needs to exercise caution as car accidents can happen without a moment's notice. Concerned that a traffic accident could lead to car damages and injuries, one must attempt to drive safely at all times. However, some accidents are unavoidable. A car accident near a hospital in Illinois leaves four individuals hurt.

Illinois car accident: Pedestrian killed, driver jailed

There have been many people who have been killed by reckless behavior. Unfortunately, drunk drivers continue to risk the well-being of others by illegally driving under the influence. Drinking and driving can bring life changing events in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened in a fatal car accident in Illinois. The accident has left one woman dead and a man in jail without bond.

Illinois car accident injures 8 people in Chicago

Driving drunk is something so dangerous and reckless that it puts the driver as well as anyone else nearby at risk of being injured. This kind of impairment to one's abilities is often such that it impacts the focus and coordination of the driver. Unfortunately, there are far too many car accidents caused by a drunk driver. Sadly, five adults and three children in Illinois were recently in a car accident that resulted in serious injuries.

Car accident claims the life of Illinois man

Driving in the winter often means driving when road conditions are less than favorable. Drivers are responsible for taking negative weather into account and adjusting their driving to suit such conditions. Unfortunately, not all drivers make the necessary adjustments for driving during inclement weather and accidents often result. Sadly, a recent car accident occurred during snowy weather in Illinois and is responsible for claiming the life of one man.

Claims can move forward for unreported medical device dangers

Medical devices have improved -- or saved -- the lives of many people. While advancements in this area of technology have proved valuable, flaws in the design or construction of medical devices can prove to be very dangerous.

Jury awards $16M in slip and fall case

The family of a 69-year-old woman recently learned a jury awarded their loved one $16 million related to debilitating injuries she suffered in a slip and fall accident. Unfortunately, news of the multi-million dollar settlement was bittersweet as the woman is no longer able to communicate or take care of herself.

1 man dies, another suffers serious injury in Illinois accident

Anyone who has ever needed assistance when their vehicle breaks down on the highway knows the sense of relief that happens when someone stops to offer aid. It is comforting to have assistance when it's needed. For a truck driver in Illinois who was having problems with his rig, that feeling was replaced with horror when one of the men who had stopped to help him was killed and another suffered serious injury.

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