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Illinois car accident injures 8 people in Chicago

Driving drunk is something so dangerous and reckless that it puts the driver as well as anyone else nearby at risk of being injured. This kind of impairment to one’s abilities is often such that it impacts the focus and coordination of the driver. Unfortunately, there are far too many car accidents caused by a drunk driver. Sadly, five adults and three children in Illinois were recently in a car accident that resulted in serious injuries.

The Chicago crash occurred on a Monday morning and involved a minivan and a car. The crash took place at an intersection on the city’s South Side, near Dan Ryan Expressway. A 29-year-old woman driving a minivan reportedly ran a red light, then struck a car with seven occupants. She was charged with a misdemeanor DUI as well as disregarding a traffic signal. Moreover, she apparently didn’t have a license to drive or any insurance and was formally charged with those offenses as well.

Three children and two adults were rushed to local hospitals with medical conditions reportedly ranging from fair to serious. In addition, a woman and two men were transported to another hospital with serious-to-critical injuries. There was no information available on the female’s blood alcohol content. Six ambulances were called to the scene when the first responders requested an EMS Plan 1. Illinois authorities are continuing to investigate the matter.

As the criminal case moves forward, the victims and family members of the Illinois and Chicago car accident may have important decisions to make. Someone who has been injured in an accident at the hands of a drunk driver could initiate a personal injury claim in an effort to help recover the financial losses that typically come with vehicle accidents. The coming weeks will be very difficult for all of the victims and their families, as they struggle to come to terms with exactly what happened and what legal steps they may wish to take in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Source: Chicago Tribune, Woman charged with DUI in two-car crash on South Side that injured 8, Peter Nickeas, Feb. 3, 2014