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Illinois car accident kills one individual

Despite all the warnings and public service announcements about drunk driving, many people still choose to drive a vehicle while intoxicated. Car accidents that occur after people have been drinking should not be something that is taken lightly; however, it becomes much more heartbreaking and strenuous when there are friends involved. One Illinois car accident recently changed three individuals’ lives forever.

The crash took place on an early Sunday morning. The accident occurred on Summit Street where the Chevy Impala struck a tree. There was only one car involved in the accident. The 21-year-old male who was in the back seat of the car died, while the front seat passenger remains in the hospital due to serious injuries.

The 20-year-old male driver of the accident will be cited for charges including underage drinking and aggravated DUI involving death. He will also be cited for driving under the influence of drugs according to the Rockford Police. No other information is available regarding any additional charges.

There is also no information on the male’s blood alcohol content report. It is not clear if the driver himself suffered any injuries. The Illinois authorities are continuing to investigate the traffic accident.

While this Illinois case moves forward and the at-fault party is revealed, the injured victim and the deceased victim’s family will have to decide how to proceed with this drunk driving car accident. The individual who was hurt by the car crash can claim a personal injury lawsuit, while a wrongful death claim can result in financial compensation for the deceased victim’s family. This possible compensation could be used to pay funeral and burial costs.

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