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Illinois car accident with bus leaves four injured

Most drivers know that each time they get behind a wheel of a car that there is a possibility that a car accident can happen. Car accidents are frightening and many times unavoidable. An Illinois car accident leaves some students injured and a man cited for driving too fast.

The vehicle accident took place on Friday morning. There was one car and a school bus with students inside involved in the traffic accident. The collision took place when the driver lost control and crossed over to the south bound lane where the bus was located. The car crashed into the school bus leaving several individuals injured.

The Illinois police later cited the driver of the car with driving too fast to be able to avoid the accident. The man was the only person in his car at the time of the crash. The driver had to be taken to a nearby hospital after being trapped in his car. There is no information available on the driver’s condition.

There were three students on the bus who sustained injuries in the collision. The police reported that the students complained of headaches, back pain and neck pain and were taken to a hospital. It was later reported that they suffered minor injuries and were sent home.

If an Illinois person is hurt in a car accident that is the fault of another, the victim could pursue a personal injury claim. A victim could possibly receive compensation to help cover the new financial stress that comes with such a traffic accident. It could be in an injured person’s best interests to seek qualified legal assistance.

Source:, Update: Students Injured In School Bus Crash Near Monmouth, IL, Jeff Whitten, February 14, 2014