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Fitbit wristbands deemed dangerous product and recalled

When a manufacturer offers a product for sale to the consumer market, said manufacturer has a responsibility to ensure that the product is reasonably safe and without defects. Illinois residents may have noticed multiple recalls lately, most of which were defective vehicles and tainted food products not fit for human consumption. An unusual, dangerous product recall of a fitness wristband was announced recently.

The wristband, sold under the brand name Fitbit Force, is a band that fits around the wrist of the user. It contains a pedometer, a sleep monitor and a watch and tracks the fitness of those wearing it. The wristbands were manufactured between Oct. 2013 and Feb. 2014, and they proved to be very popular. Over one million wristbands were recalled.

It was apparently established that the product could cause allergic reactions, resulting in rashes, blisters and skin redness. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that it had received approximately 9,900 reports of irritations of the skin and 250 instances of blistering of the skin in consumers who wore the product. Consumers were advised to cease wearing the product and contact the manufacturer to discuss a replacement or refund.

Illinois consumers who have sustained injuries as a result of a defective and dangerous product may want to research their legal options under state law. They retain the right to file personal injury claims in a civil court. With the appropriate guidance and successful litigation, such victims may receive monetary damages to cover medical and other expenses brought about by the use of a dangerous product.

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