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Illinois car accident kills woman yards from where twin died

Every person deserves to drive their vehicle without worrying about getting in a car accident. Unfortunately, one family experienced a deja vu moment 18 years after a fatal accident claimed the life of one of their twin daughters. Another Illinois car accident killed the second of their daughters just yards away from the earlier collision, and left another person injured during this heart-wrenching event.

A tragic truck accident took place on a recent Saturday. One car and one truck were involved in the crash. The incident took place near Route 394 in Illinois. The 29-year-old female who was driving the car died. In what many may view as cruel irony, another fatal collision killed her twin sister many years ago on the same stretch of highway.

The male driver of the truck had minor injuries from the accident. There is no other information available on the driver’s current medical condition or the male driver’s blood alcohol content at the time. Further, there is no word if the male driver had any other traffic violations on his criminal report. At this time, there has been no citations or charges issued due to this incident.

When the Illinois investigation finds out who is at fault in the car accident, the victim’s family members will have to make a critical decision after this sad event. The family could potentially pursue a wrongful death claim against the truck driver or the company for which he or she drives, which could help cover the financial stress of another funeral. Also, the family could receive some money for pain and suffering due to the fatal crash.

Source: NY Daily News, Woman dies in car crash near spot where twin perished in hit-and-run 18 years ago, David Harding, March 1, 2014