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Illinois man killed in car accident while walking in parking lot

An 85-year-old Illinois man was killed recently while walking in a parking lot. Police are investigating the fatal car accident that occurred last month. They say the man was struck by a car but have not released many other details of the incident.

The man was in the parking lot of a bank when he was hit by the car. Police say they found him lying on the pavement with serious injuries, including a prominent head wound. The man was taken to a Illinois hospital for treatment. He died there the next day.

The 74-year-old woman who allegedly caused the accident has not been charged. According to police it did not appear, at least initially, that she had done anything considered reckless. They say the incident is a “sad situation.”

The man had lived in Chicago all his life, according to his son. He operated a kennel that specialized in training dogs for more than six decades and also served as a procurement agent for a local manufacturer. His true love, however, was horses, according to his son, who said the man had been an announcer at the county fair for over 30 years.

Although the woman thought responsible for this fatal car accident will probably not face criminal charges, she could still face claims for financial liability for the role she played in the fatal crash. The family of the man who died retain the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit, based upon evidence that the driver was negligent in a manner that caused or substantially contributed to the accident and death that resulted. If successful, any compensation awarded may be used to cover any end-of-life expenses, like funeral and burial costs, as well as other financial losses attributable to the tragic accident.

Source: Chicago Tribune, Chicago man, 85, killed in Park Ridge crash, Jonathan Bullington, Feb. 27, 2014