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Illinois car accident injures 4 — was driver drunk?

When traffic accidents occur, the effects do not just hurt the people who are involved in the crash, but it can emotionally hurt the victim’s family members. These accidents can be caused by different situations, including driver distractions and intoxication. The damage of this nature is always severe, no matter the cause. Unfortunately, an Illinois car accident injured four people recently, and police say a drunk driver caused the tragedy.

A tragic vehicle accident took place early on a recent Saturday. Two cars were involved in this crash. A 37-year-old female was driving a car that hit another car. She apparently ran a traffic light near Bloomington. There were four people in the other car who were injured in the collision.

A man in the vehicle that was struck was rushed to a hospital due to multiple skull fractures sustained in the wreck. Three women were in the car as well. Their medical conditions and identities were not disclosed in the immediate aftermath of the collision.

The woman who reportedly caused the crash was not injured. The passenger in her car was not injured either. At this time, the driver has been formally accused of aggravated driving under the influence. The driver’s blood alcohol content was twice the driving limit. The Illinois authorities are continuing to investigate the matter.

As the criminal proceedings regarding this drunk driver car accident head to criminal court, the victims will have to make critical decisions after this event. The injured victims could be entitled to monetary damages as a result of the crash if they are able to establish that their injuries were caused by the negligence of the accused woman. A successfully presented claim could result in financial recompense for the expenses and other damages that often accompany accidents of this nature.

Source:, “Felony DUI charged in crash that injures 4“, Pat Shaver, March 29, 2014