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Fatal car accident in Edwardsville, Illinois

One person was left dead after a tragic car accident in the Edwardsville area of Illinois. The car accident occurred in the early hours of the morning and involved three different vehicles. One woman was declared dead at the scene, and at least one other driver or passenger was taken for medical treatment at a local facility.

The injured driver was traveling north when he collided with another vehicle. The impact was severe enough to cause the airbags to deploy in both vehicles. Because the accident involved a fatality, a blood sample was taken from the driver. While this is standard operating procedure for a fatal accident, the blood test could reveal if there was anything in the driver’s system that could have contributed to the accident. This could include alcohol or drugs.

Illinois law enforcement requested that the accident be recreated by investigators in order to gain a better sense of what happened to cause the collision. Once the scene has been recreated, the causal factors of the accident may become more clear. If the evidence suggests that the one of the drivers negligently caused the fatal accident, he or she could be subjected to a wrongful death suit.

When a wrongful death suit is filed, it is done so in order to seek compensation for financial losses, as well as emotional pain and suffering. Seeking restitution will not undo the grief of a family, but it can help cover the unexpected costs associated with a fatal car accident. A successful wrongful death suit should be backed by appropriate evidence and documentation to validate the claims of the plaintiff.

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