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Texting and driving still a problem on Illinois roadways

In Illinois, texting and driving is a concerning issue on roadways, as well as everywhere else in the country. At the beginning of this calendar year, texting and driving was made an illegal activity in the state, yet it continues to be a problem for law enforcement. One of the main complaints voiced is that people are continuing to talk on the phone and text while driving through construction or school zones.

It is well-known that texting while driving is an incredibly dangerous activity and has become one of the leading causes of car accidents across the country. Many states, like Illinois, have made using a phone illegal behind the wheel. Despite these legislative measures, it is still a problem. Police write tickets and courts assess fines, but drivers are still caught every day. In fact, almost 3,000 people have been issued tickets for unlawful use of a cell phone on the road.

Some of the most serious repercussions occur when texting drivers hit a construction worker or cause an accident. In these and other cases, it is possible that the responsible drivers could be held liable for any damages that occur. Drivers would have to assume responsibility for the consequences of their behavior, just the same as a drunk driving accident.

Texting and driving is a highly risky behavior and can cause destruction for other drivers and passengers on the road. Distraction, even for just a few seconds, can have irrevocable consequences. If any person is a victim of a texting and driving accident, he or she could consider seeking compensation from the party deemed responsible.

Source: The State Journal-Register, “Our Opinion: Attention, please-no texting while driving“, , May 7, 2014