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GM fires 15 employees over product recall issues

To most Illinois residents, the car is a marvelous invention. One gets in the car, turns a key, moves a gear shift and drives down the road. Car owners expect that, as the car ages, it will begin to experience problems and will require some maintenance. These same car owners also expect the car manufacturer to stand behind their product and to notify them if a defect is discovered that could affect the vehicle. A problem with an ignition switch on GM vehicles has recently come to light, and GM has now fired 15 employees over issues it has discovered in handling this product recall.

An investigation into the problem with the GM ignition switch indicates problems dating back to 2003. At times, if one were to bump the ignition switch while driving, or if there was too much weight attached to the ignition switch, the vehicle could shift into what is called accessory mode, thus shutting off power to specific safety features. This investigation suggests that more than 40 accidents and 13 deaths are a result of this ignition switch problem.

The investigation is focusing on exactly when the problem was discovered and who within the company was aware of the problem. An environment of being mostly concerned about cost has been blamed for the problem not being handled before now. GM has now fired 15 employees who it believes handled this matter in an inappropriate manner. A product recall was issued in February 2014.

Consumers throughout Illinois expect companies to stand behind their products and to issue a product recall within a timely manner if it is warranted. Failure to do so can result in harm to the consumer. It can also result in the company’s reputation being tainted and even more legal issues for the company.

Source:, “GM fires 15 over recall failures”, , June 5, 2014