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July 2014 Archives

Man accused of being negligent driver after fatal big rig crash

When a big rig is involved in a car accident, the vehicle has the potential to incur a lot of damage due to its weight and size. A semi-truck was recently involved in a four-vehicle chain reaction crash in Illinois in which four people lost their lives. The driver was accused of being a negligent driver, and he now faces various criminal charges.

Motorcycle accident causes death and injury in Illinois

Motorists should always be prepared for the unexpected. However, there are times when there is not much a person can do when something unexpected happens. This is definitely the case when one is driving on the road along with other motorists. One couple found this out the hard way when they were involved in a fatal motorcycle accident in Illinois recently.

Magnetic toy recalled in dangerous product case

Toys are usually made to bring fun and enjoyment to children. However, there are times when the way a toy is designed can cause problems and can even result in physical harm to a child in Illinois or in any other state. This turned out to be the case with the toy product known as Buckyballs. The toy is now being recalled after a regulating agency ruled that the toy is a dangerous product for children.

Illinois head-on collision kills 4

In today's busy society, it seems that someone is always in a hurry to get somewhere. There are errands to be run and business to which some need to attend. There is often no time to waste in traffic along Illinois' busy roadways or waiting patiently at a red light. This thought process can often lead to one ignoring basic traffic laws designed to keep everyone safe. Excessive speed is thought to be a contributing factor in one fatal head-on collision that killed four individuals.

Slip-and-fall accidents can cause injury

Consumers throughout Illinois expect a safe environment when they visit a local business. They expect an entryway free from trip hazards, enough spacing in the aisles and flooring that does not present a likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents. Slip-and-fall accidents are not only embarrassing to the individual, but they can be dangerous also.

Chicken product recall due to salmonella outbreak

One often thinks that it is a simple process to go to the grocery store, select items to purchase, bring these items home and then prepare dinner for the family. The typical Illinois family may usually make sure that the surfaces on which the food is prepared are clean and that foods are kept at the proper temperature to avoid contamination. It is generally assumed that the product purchased at the grocery store is free from contamination. This assumption is not always true, though; in fact, Foster Farms has recently announced a product recall for some of its chicken due to a salmonella outbreak.

Product liability claim filed against dog food company

An Illinois woman has filed a product liability claim against a dog food company after she contracted salmonella from supposedly tainted dog food. Diamond Pet Foods, a national company, is possibly facing claims from other individuals with similar stories. Many of the salmonella-related product liability claims come from incidents in 2012, which is the same year that the company issued a recall on some of its pet food products.

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