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Chicken product recall due to salmonella outbreak

One often thinks that it is a simple process to go to the grocery store, select items to purchase, bring these items home and then prepare dinner for the family. The typical Illinois family may usually make sure that the surfaces on which the food is prepared are clean and that foods are kept at the proper temperature to avoid contamination. It is generally assumed that the product purchased at the grocery store is free from contamination. This assumption is not always true, though; in fact, Foster Farms has recently announced a product recall for some of its chicken due to a salmonella outbreak.

According to reports, chicken products produced in Foster Farms’ Fresno, CA, facility have been linked to a salmonella outbreak spanning the course of a year or more. Although the exact amount of chicken involved is unknown, it is estimated that more than 500 illnesses that have occurred in 27 states are attributed to this outbreak. The affected products have usage dates of March 21 to March 29.

Salmonella can result in a variety of symptoms, ranging from a mild stomach ache to severe gastrointestinal problems. At times, serious illness and even death have been associated with it. This is why the majority of Illinois families are likely careful to ensure that their foods and food surfaces are properly maintained.

When a company realizes it has a product that could possibly cause illness, the responsible company issues a product recall in an effort to protect the public. However, by the time this product recall is announced, it is possible that people have already suffered as a result of the problem. If an Illinois resident believes that he or she has become ill or injured due to a product that has been recalled, there may be legal remedies to the situation that should be explored.

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