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Illinois head-on collision kills 4

In today’s busy society, it seems that someone is always in a hurry to get somewhere. There are errands to be run and business to which some need to attend. There is often no time to waste in traffic along Illinois’ busy roadways or waiting patiently at a red light. This thought process can often lead to one ignoring basic traffic laws designed to keep everyone safe. Excessive speed is thought to be a contributing factor in one fatal head-on collision that killed four individuals.

Witnesses report that a Camaro was traveling at speeds approaching 100 mph. The driver lost control of the sports car and veered into a lane of oncoming traffic. This caused a head-on collision with a pickup truck heading in the opposite direction. Two individuals in the truck and two individuals in the Camaro were killed in the accident.

There were a total of three family members in the pickup truck — a father, mother and teenage son. Both parents were killed in the accident, and the teenager was injured. In addition to recovering from his injuries, this teenager must now face life without the guidance, love and wisdom that only his parents could provide.

Although both individuals in the Camaro were killed in the accident, the driver’s actions still negatively impacted other lives and another family. In an effort to meet the medical and funeral expenses as well as other financial losses accrued as a result of this head-on collision, it is possible that those now responsible for the surviving teenager may file a suit against the driver’s estate in the Illinois civil court system. A successfully litigated claim could provide the means necessary for financial recovery.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Witness: Sports car was speeding before fatal Bridgeview crash“, , July 4, 2014