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Product liability claim filed against dog food company

An Illinois woman has filed a product liability claim against a dog food company after she contracted salmonella from supposedly tainted dog food. Diamond Pet Foods, a national company, is possibly facing claims from other individuals with similar stories. Many of the salmonella-related product liability claims come from incidents in 2012, which is the same year that the company issued a recall on some of its pet food products.

The company’s product recall came after the FDA found an outbreak of salmonella at one of their plants in another state. The Illinois woman purchased food from Diamond Pet Foods and fed it to her dog over a period of time. Eventually, she began to experience certain symptoms, such as stomach pain, gastrointestinal issues and other serious symptoms. All of these issues are signs of salmonella poisoning.

After the woman was taken to the hospital for medical treatment, it was concluded that her condition was related to exposure to the dog food. She claims that she is a victim deserving of recompense because she was exposed simply through routinely feeding her dog. Specifically, the liability claims that Diamond Pet Foods exhibited negligence and other harmful actions. It is not clear how much the woman is seeking in damages.

By filing this product liability claim, this woman is exercising her legal right to seek compensation for her distress and pain. If it is verified that the pet food company is responsible for her sickness, she could receive compensation to cover, at minimum, the cost of her medical treatment. With these types of claims, it is important to evaluate the legal options and possible outcomes of the individual case.

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