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Hyundai issues product recall because of dangerous brakes

Hyundai has issued a product recall on certain models of cars because of issues related to the safety of their brakes. Illinois drivers will note that despite the recall, the automaker faces fines of more than $17 million from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) because they delayed the recall for an extended amount of time. Because of the product recall, over 70 percent of the affected Hyundai Genesis vehicles have been repaired.

NHTSA levied the fines against the company because they waited to issue the recall after knowing about the brake issues since 2012. The Genesis model cars were discovered to have used brake fluid that would not stop key braking components from corroding. Consequently, drivers were placed at a higher risk for car accidents.

Instead of recalling the cars as soon as the company knew about the issue, they ordered dealerships to change the brake fluid. In fact, the recall was only issued as an investigation was launched into the company. The automaker did not inform Genesis owners of the risks that they would face if they failed to change the brake fluid. This is seen as a failure to protect the drivers of this particular model car, and the company could be considered liable for any consequences.

Illinois readers may have concerns about their vehicles after learning of this product recall. If any accidents have occurred because of this danger, victims could be eligible to receive compensation for any pain and suffering endured. It would be beneficial to seek a complete case evaluation before filing any type of civil claim.

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