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Woman dies in fatal car accident in Illinois

Any time there is a crash on the freeway, it can be dangerous to those involved. However, the more vehicles involved in a car crash, the more likely there will be injuries. Wrecks with more than two vehicles can be particularly dangerous. This is the type of car accident that ended up killing one woman recently in Illinois.

The incident occurred one afternoon in early August when the woman was driving in her vehicle on the freeway. The crash involved three different vehicles: an SUV, car and a semi-truck. There were three people who had reportedly been injured in the incident. The decedent had suffered injuries considered life-threatening. Despite best efforts from medical personnel who arrived on the scene, the woman ended up dying from her injuries.

Two other people were reportedly injured in the crash. They were both transported to a nearby medical facility in order to receive treatment for their injuries. However, the severity of injuries and conditions were not released to the public. The identity of the decedent has also yet to be revealed. The accident caused authorities to shut down the freeway for the next several hours.

The authorities in Illinois have also not determined the possible causes of the car accident, according to the most recent reports. However, the authorities are continuing to investigate the incident. On the other hand, those who were injured, as well as the family of the decedent, will want to pay attention to the findings of the investigation by the authorities. Evidence uncovered could be crucial in any future personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits.

Source: NBC Chicago, “Woman Killed in 3-Vehicle Crash at Illinois-Wisconsin Border“, , Aug. 8, 2014

Source: NBC Chicago, “Woman Killed in 3-Vehicle Crash at Illinois-Wisconsin Border“, , Aug. 8, 2014