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Woman loses her life in car accident during police chase

After being in critical condition for a week, a 42-year-old woman passed away from the injuries she suffered in a car accident. The Illinois car accident occurred as three robbery suspects were attempting to make a getaway from the police. The woman was reportedly an active community member and soccer player.

The woman reportedly had to run an errand after playing soccer earlier that day, and she was leaving the mall parking lot when another vehicle rapidly approached her own. The vehicle contained three occupants, and these persons were suspects in a criminal investigation into a cellphone store robbery. The police were supposedly chasing the vehicle at the time of the collision.

After hitting her car, the occupants of the runaway vehicle reportedly got out of their cars and began shooting at the officers. Eventually, the three men were brought into police custody, and emergency medical personnel were able to transport the woman to an area hospital. The crash left the woman in critical condition, and after a week, she died from her injuries. The three men are already facing criminal charges for the suspected robbery, but it is unclear if they will face additional charges relating to the crash.

The family will undoubtedly need some time to grieve the tragic loss of their loved one. The family has the right in Illinois to file for a wrongful death suit after this fatal car accident. In the suit, they may be able to name both the driver of the car as well as the police officer who was reportedly chasing the suspects. If the suit is successful, the family may at least be able to feel that justice had been served.

Source:, “UPDATE: Cherry Valley Crash Victim Dies From Injuries”, , Aug. 27, 2014

Source:, “UPDATE: Cherry Valley Crash Victim Dies From Injuries”, , Aug. 27, 2014