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Consumer death a possibility after ingesting caffeine product

Caffeine consumption can be dangerous in certain doses, and with the growing popularity of caffeine tablets and powders, consumer death is an increasing possibility. Illinois readers may know about the risk of too much caffeine in the body, but it is worth noting that there are many potentially dangerous products on the market. With excessive use and dangerous dosage levels, consumer death is a tragic possibility.

One of the products that has caused the most concern is caffeine powder. There have been an increased number of phone calls to poison control centers around the country related to these powders. Even though these powers are primarily sold online, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about the potential danger. They are so strong that one teaspoon is the equivalent of drinking approximately 25 cups of coffee.

One of the dangers lies in the difficulty in measuring the appropriate amount for consumption. It is very easy to take too much because the correct dosage is incredibly small. Just recently, a high school student died from a caffeine overdose after taking too much of the powder. Despite the risk of these products, they remain uncontrolled and available to the general public.

A company may be liable for distributing a dangerous product, especially when it results in a consumer death. If an Illinois consumer has suffered adverse physical effects because of dangerous caffeine products or other hazardous products, a civil suit could be a legitimate course of action. Manufacturers and distributors could be financially responsible for the consequences of caffeine overdoses, but victims should seek legal assistance to better understand this option and gain an understanding of how to proceed to enforce their legal rights.

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