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October 2014 Archives

Payments for medical malpractice increases slightly

Everybody makes mistakes; people are only human after all. However, there are times when mistakes can cause more serious consequences than in other instances, in Illinois or in another state. This is clearly the case in the medical field where medical malpractice can result in serious injury or even death.

2 Illinois teenage girls die in fatal car accident in Erie

Driving a vehicle requires a significant amount of responsibility for the safety of passengers in the vehicle and others traveling on or near the road. Maintaining control of one's vehicle is of utmost importance in avoiding a car crash. Apparently, one young driver from Illinois recently failed to maintain control of her car, resulted in a fatal car accident.

Speed may have caused fatal car accident in Illinois

Driving in a safe manner may not only save the lives of drivers, it can also help to keep passengers safe as well. However, failing to do so can cause serious consequences and many times results in the loss of human life. It turns out this may have been what caused a recent fatal car accident in Illinois.

Doctor suspended for alleged medical professional negligence

Medical doctors have a legal obligation to look out for the health of their patients. Failure to do so may cause health hazards for patients as well as legal problems for the doctor, in Illinois or any other state. Unfortunately, it seems that one doctor may have failed to follow this legal obligation, resulting in the death of a patient. The doctor is now facing disciplinary action from the medical board regarding this case of apparent medical professional negligence.

2 nuns die in car accident in Illinois

It is important for motorists to ensure they are physically able to operate their vehicles. This means they need to be fully aware, with all of their attention on the task at hand. Failure to do this can result in a serious safety hazard which can cause a vehicle collision. This seems to be what may have happened in a recent car accident in Illinois which proved to be fatal.

Woman dies, another injured in car accident in Illinois

Following the rules of the road can save lives. One of the most important rules for motorists is to maintain one's lane. Not adhering to this law can be quite dangerous and can result in a serious accident. Unfortunately, this is apparently what happened during a recent car accident in Illinois.

What to do in the case of a suspicious nursing home injury?

The decision to place one's parents or elderly relatives in a nursing home is seldom an easy one to make. It is no secret that many nursing homes are short of staff and, in some cases, use personnel that do not have the required training. Illinois families who suspect that their elderly relative suffered a nursing home injury that was no accident may choose to consider legal action concerning the matter.

Illinois high school student killed in car accident

No parent wants to learn that their child has been killed in a car accident. Such news can be beyond devastating, and parents may feel lost as to how they are supposed to continue on without their child. The understandable emotional upheavals that could stem from a fatal car accident may only be made more difficult by the potential financial issues that could result. Therefore, parents of an accident victim may wish to look into their legal options for compensation.

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