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What to do in the case of a suspicious nursing home injury?

The decision to place one’s parents or elderly relatives in a nursing home is seldom an easy one to make. It is no secret that many nursing homes are short of staff and, in some cases, use personnel that do not have the required training. Illinois families who suspect that their elderly relative suffered a nursing home injury that was no accident may choose to consider legal action concerning the matter.

Families find it difficult to decide what to do when they suspect the personnel does not have empathy with the elderly patients in their care. They should not hesitate to consult a lawyer when they suspect that their loved ones are treated cruelly or neglected. Our firm has been serving families in similar situations for many years.

There are a number of warning signs you can keep a look out for. These include the sudden appearance of bruises, cuts or even fractures, changes in the behavior of the elderly person or the staff. Bed sores can be an indication that the bedridden elderly person is not turned regularly. Other worrisome indicators are sudden or mysterious personal and financial decisions made by the elderly person, such as changing of a will or the disappearance of money from accounts.

When any of the aforementioned seems familiar or when your elderly loved one suffered a nursing home injury, your family may benefit from a consultation with an Illinois law firm which can help your elderly loved ones regain the dignity they deserve. A free initial consultation will provide you with the services needed to achieve justice for you and your elderly loved one. For more information on nursing home abuse, you can consult our nursing home abuse and neglect webpage          

Source:, “Peoria Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer“, , Sept 28, 2014