Illinois fatal car accident claims 1 victim; other crash claims 2

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November 1, 2014

Knowing is half the battle, as the saying goes. However, many times it takes time to piece together what really happened in a car accident. This seems to be the case in a recent car accident — one of two in the same area of Illinois on the same day — that resulted in injury and death.

Apparently, one of the two drivers involved in the crash ran a red light at the intersection. Investigators are still not sure who failed to obey the traffic laws and of traffic and caused the fatal accident. The collision happened at approximately 2:15 p.m. Reportedly, one life was lost while another four individuals were injured.

Unfortunately, there were no witnesses aside from the survivors that could help provide clues concerning what happened. The Illinois State Police are conducting detailed reconstructions of the accident in order to attempt to discover which driver ran the light. If the authorities are able to determine who appears to have been at fault, it could play a significant role in any upcoming court proceedings related to the incident.

Those who were injured may be able to file personal injury lawsuits against the party that is thought to have been at fault in the Illinois car accident. Also, the family of the decedent may also be able to sue for wrongful death, based upon evidence of negligence by another party to the fatal crash. In both of these situations, the plaintiffs may be able to obtain monetary relief for the financial losses that accrued and may continue to accrue as a result of this devastating tragedy.

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