Off-duty police officer dies in motorcycle accident in Illinois

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November 12, 2014

Illinois police officers provide an essential service to society and the local community. They put their lives on the line on a daily basis in order to ensure the safety of fellow citizens. This is why it is unfortunate when a police officer’s life is lost, whether in the line of duty or otherwise. Recently, a Chicago cop ended up losing his life in an off-duty motorcycle accident.

The officer was riding his motorcycle on the Dan Ryan Expressway while friends and co-workers followed behind the 28-year-old. At the same time a 51-year-old driver was traveling southbound in a red Pontiac G5. For some reason, the driver of the Pontiac swerved into the motorcyclist’s lane.

The biker attempted to brake in order to avoid a collision with the Pontiac. However, he was unsuccessful in doing so and was killed in the crash. The Pontiac was in the express lane when the driver crossed the median over to the local lanes. The driver of the Pontiac also had his two sons, 13 and 16, with him in the vehicle. The crash occurred on July 20 in the afternoon.

The driver of the Pontiac is now facing criminal charges, including driving an uninsured vehicle, failing to reduce speed in order to avoid a collision and improper usage of lanes. The family of the deceased police officer may be looking to gather as much information as possible from the criminal proceedings related to the fatal motorcycle accident. Evidence presented during the criminal proceedings may be offered in a future wrongful death lawsuit if the family decides to pursue claims for financial restitution through the Illinois civil court system.

Source: Chicago Sun Times, “Juvenile Detention Center employee charged with reckless homicide in crash that killed off-duty cop”, Michael Lansu, Nov. 5, 2014