Teenager dies in fatal truck accident in Illinois

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November 28, 2014

In life there are many things over which one has no control. The weather is definitely one of the things that cannot be controlled. Unfortunately, this factor can play a role in causing accidents while on the road. This seems to have been what happened in a recent fatal truck accident in Illinois.

The incident happened one afternoon in late November when a truck was heading eastbound on the road. At the same time, an SUV was heading in the opposite direction on the same road. According to law enforcement, a 17-year-old female driver lost control of the truck she was driving and crashed into the SUV. It is believed that a slick road surface played a part in the accident. 

Both drivers suffered injuries that required hospitalization. The driver of the truck ended up being pronounced dead by medical personnel who were not able to save her. The severity of the injuries suffered by the 20-year-old female driver of the SUV were not revealed in reports released to the public, nor was any mention made of the condition of the SUV’s passenger. The roadway was closed down for about two hours following the crash.

Although the weather may have played a significant role in causing the driver to lose control, she may have also been negligent in her role in the fatal truck accident in Illinois. If evidence leads the injured party to believe that the deceased driver was negligent, she may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the parents or guardian of the truck’s driver. As she was a minor, no suit can be filed against her or her estate. 

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