Wrong-way driver causes car accident in Illinois

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December 24, 2014

There are many ways an accident on the road can occur. Some types of crashes can be more serious than others. While there are times when an incident only results in a small dent in a car, there are other times when the risk of injury is far greater. This is the case when a car accident is caused by a head-on collision in Illinois.

The incident that happened just prior to 3 a.m. in late December reportedly involved three vehicles. One driver had been traveling southbound. However, for some reason, he ended up driving down the northbound lanes against traffic. The man then crashed his car into two other vehicles that were going in the opposite direction.

The driver of the car going the wrong way was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident. The other two drivers were immediately transported to nearby hospitals for treatment. The current condition of the two injured drivers have yet to be released to the public. Why the man was driving in the wrong direction has not yet been determined by authorities.

Parts of the road have been closed down in order to remove debris and allow authorities to investigate the incident. Also, some buses have been forced to take alternate routes as a result of the accident. The police have yet to determine what may have caused the car accident in Illinois. However, the injured drivers may want to pay attention to the results of police investigations, since evidence may be used in future personal injury lawsuits.

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