Car accident in Illinois injures 5 people

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January 7, 2015

Danger is always present when driving a vehicle on the road. However, for one reason or another, there are certain roads that are more dangerous than others. This seems to be the case for one specific stretch of road in Illinois, which seems to have a higher chance for drivers to experience a car accident. The portion of road in question has been the site for eight fatal accidents between 2006 and 2012.

The most recent accident on this portion of the road resulted in five people being hospitalized. One of the injured individuals was transported via airlift to a local medical facility. The incident happened at approximately 6:03 p.m. one evening in early January. The crash apparently affected all four lanes on the road.

Firefighters from three different departments had arrived on the scene to assist the injured. The specific injuries suffered by those hurt in the crash has yet to be released to the public by authorities. This specific part of the road has been considered particularly dangerous due to the angle and elevation at which the road leads into a four-lane freeway. Also, nearby railroad tracks are also a safety concern.

The details of the car accident in Illinois will be important in determining exactly what may have caused the crash. This can be essential information for any potential personal injury lawsuits filed against the driver of the vehicle. Those who were injured may be able to obtain monetary reimbursement for their injuries. This can help in paying for costly and unexpected medical bills resulting from receiving treatment at the hospital.

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