Truck accident involves two semi-trucks in Illinois

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January 23, 2015

Although there is always risk involved when on the road, some vehicles may have an increased risk of a crash. Larger vehicles, such as semi-trucks, are more difficult to maneuver, which could make them more likely to experience crashes in some instances. Also, the increased mass of a larger vehicle can make a collision particularly destructive and dangerous. This was proved to be true in a recent truck accident in Illinois that resulted in a fatality.

The victim was a 51-year-old man who was heading westbound on the interstate at the time of the deadly incident, which happened in early January. The man was driving a semi-truck and ended up crashing into another semi-truck. The decedent suffered blunt trauma to his chest, which proved to be fatal. There have not been any reports of other injuries or fatalities resulting from the recent crash between the two trucks.

The Illinois State Police is now investigating the incident in order to determine the possible causes of the crash. Evidence collected regarding the crash may be especially important to anyone who may have been injured in the crash or the family of the truck driver who died in the collision. Evidence and testimony from witnesses collected during law enforcement investigations may be useful in potential personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits.

However, in order to properly utilize this evidence and testimony, the plaintiffs would have to understand rules of evidence as well as court procedures. This will help in making a strong legal argument for a judge in Illinois to award monetary reimbursement for injuries or deaths caused by the truck accident. Also, familiarity with court procedures can help a plaintiff efficiently navigate the litigation process. Armed with this knowledge, a plaintiff will have the best chance of prevailing in court.

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