Mislabeling supplements can result in product liability lawsuits

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February 7, 2015

People make decisions on available information when choosing products. This is definitely true of consumers of health products in Illinois. However, if producers and retailers of health products mislabel their ingredients, it can cause potentially dangerous side-effects for consumers. Apparently, this is what four major retailers are being accused of doing, risking the possibility of a product liability lawsuit.

One state attorney general is accusing Walmart, Target, GNC and Walgreen’s of selling possibly dangerous health supplements to consumers. After authorities conducted tests, many of the supposedly herbal supplements were found to be mislabeled. It turned out that many of these supplements did not contain the herbs that the labeling claimed they had.

For example, one herbal supplement that was being sold as ginkgo biloba was in reality powered radish, wheat and generic houseplants. Additionally, this particular label claimed that the product was gluten-free as well as wheat-free. Another supplement failed to list powered peanuts in the product. This can be seriously dangerous for consumers who may be allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients.

Those who happen to be sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients may even end up in the hospital as a result of the mislabeling of dangerous products in Illinois. This can result in serious medical bills, which can put a family in a difficult financial position. However, those who have suffered as a result of the mislabeling of products may also want to consider filing a product liability lawsuit in order to recoup any costs associated with medical bills.

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