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Woman slipping on paint among recent slip-and-fall accidents

When Illinois residents enter into a store of any kind, they expect to be able to browse and shop without having to worry about slipping and falling on a substance that shouldn’t be on the floor. Unfortunately, slip-and-fall accidents like this occur all too frequently. These accidents can lead to some serious injuries which often  require time off from work, a prolonged stay in the hospital and/or ongoing rehabilitation. 

A woman from another state recently filed a lawsuit against Lowe’s, the home improvement store. She alleges that  she was in the store shopping in Jan. 2013. While she was there, she claims that she slipped and fell on some fresh paint that was on the floor.

She alleges that Lowe’s did not maintain its floors properly and failed to ensure that customers were aware of the potential danger of a liquid on the floor. As a result, she slipped and fell on the paint and suffered various injuries. These injuries occurred to her back, neck, head and other areas of her body.

In order for an Illinois victim to be successful in a claim regarding slip-and-fall accidents, it is necessary to prove several factors. One such factor is that the company or store owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition and then failed to take appropriate steps to remedy it. It’s also necessary to document that the injuries suffered were a direct result of the negligence claimed. If successful, a victim may be able to obtain a monetary judgment for the harm caused in order to alleviate some of the financial strain associated with the injury. 

Source:, “Woman slips on fresh paint, sues Lowe’s”, Mark Reccek, Feb. 19, 2015