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Medical malpractice suit follows kidney transplant

Organ transplants are typically major surgical procedures that require specialized medical care before, during and after the operation. The decision to have an organ transplant is likely to be taken to achieve improved health and a better quality of life. Unfortunately, in some cases, transplant patients are disillusioned when their expectations are not met. A medical facility in Illinois and 11 physicians have been named as defendants in a medical malpractice lawsuit that was filed by a woman who underwent a kidney transplant.

The filing states that the plaintiff underwent a kidney transplant at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in March 2013 and was discharged only two days after the surgery. Within another two days, she claims to have developed swelling, and her urinary output had decreased. She was re-admitted to the hospital after complications developed due to premature discharge were diagnosed.

Just more than 20 days after the initial surgery, the plaintiff claims to have received medical treatment at a different medical facility after she developed a high fever. She experienced intense pain in the surgical site area, and she was apparently transferred to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the facility where the original surgery occurred. There, it was diagnosed that the transplant had ruptured, and the rupture had to be removed in an emergency surgical procedure.

The plaintiff seeks more than $50,000 for damages and costs and accuses the Illinois facility and physicians of medical malpractice for the negligent manner in which her medical care was managed. She claims that the defendants also failed to assess her medical condition and monitor the intake and output of fluids prior to discharging her from the hospital. Although a successful medical malpractice claim will not improve a victim’s health, it may ease the financial burdens sustained.

Source:, “Transplant recipient accuses Northwestern hospital, doctors of malpractice”, Carol Ostrow, March 18, 2015