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Wife sues for hospital negligence after husband’s brain damage

Medical professionals should always carefully monitor the vital signs and conditions of patients. This allows doctors and hospital staff to detect any potential problems or issues arising during a patient’s treatment in Illinois. Failure to do so may cause serious injuries and complications for patients. This seems to have been what happened to one man, in Madison County, resulting in a hospital negligence case.

The issue arose when the man was hospitalized in early Jan. 2013 in order to treat bowel obstruction and fistula. During his stay at the hospital, the man was put on oxygen and began receiving Dilaudid a few weeks later. He began complaining of inability to eat and weakness. A couple days later, the man began suffering from disorientation and garbled speech.

This prompted the medical staff to transfer the patient to ICU where two doctors saw the man regarding his change in mental state. The hospital eventually diagnosed the man with brain damage, and he was discharged. According to reports, the man’s brain damage was caused by the Dilaudid he was receiving via PCA pump. Reportedly, he is now forced to live full-time in a nursing home with constant nursing care due to the injuries suffered during his stay at the hospital.

The man’s wife is now suing for hospital negligence, claiming monetary damages sustained as a result of the brain damage. The medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that the doctors and the hospital staff should have been monitoring the man’s vital signs more closely. It remains to be seen what the result of this litigation will be, though the plaintiff will now have the opportunity to prove her case before an Illinois civil court. 

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