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Car accident leads widower to wrongful death suit

A man in Illinois lost his wife in a car accident, and his young daughter was injured to the point that she’s now in a wheelchair in the hospital. As a result, he’s decided to start a wrongful death lawsuit.

The man is from Mascoutah. His wife was killed in an accident involving a pickup truck, so the suit names both the truck driver and the company it was being driven for at the time — Don Mueller Construction.

The crash happened when the woman and her daughter were heading north, driving down Illinois 4 where it runs through Mascoutah. Their vehicle was a 2013 Kia Optima. The driver of the other vehicle was behind the wheel of a large pickup truck, a 2002 Ford F-150. He was heading south. His truck then went over the center line, into the wrong lane and slammed head-on into the Optima.

In the wake of the accident, the police say the truck driver said it was possible he nodded off behind the wheel, falling asleep for just long enough to cause the wreck. They also claim he asked how the two people were doing and admitted that the wreck was his fault.

Despite this, charges were never brought to bear for his part in the deadly accident. Instead, he was just given a traffic citation.

The lawsuit now being started due to the woman’s death also notes that the daughter has been disfigured and that she’s constantly suffering, though she survived the incident.

Those who have lost loved ones in tragic accidents should know that wrongful death lawsuits can be used even if there are no criminal charges.

Source: News-Democrat, “Widower files wrongful-death suit over Mascoutah crash,” Jamie Forsythe, July 28, 2015