Man dies in crash less than a year after daughter’s death

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October 9, 2015

Nine months ago, a man from Red Bud, Illinois, had to mourn his daughter’s death when a car accident tragically took her life. His family now finds themselves in a similar situation all over again, as he was recently killed in a motorcycle accident.

The crash happened out on Illinois 3, in Rockwood, right by Coffee Street. Reports from the Illinois State Police show that he wasn’t doing anything wrong, but that another biker had slowed to make a U-turn–an illegal maneuver in the middle of the road. While that biker was in the midst of the turn, the man rounded the bend and slammed into the other bike.

The man who made the turn had a passenger on the back of his bike. Not one of the people involved was wearing a motorcycle helmet.

All three people flew from their bikes, and all three ended up in the hospital. The two on the same bike were brought to a local medical facility, while the man who struck them had to be airlifted to a different hospital down by St. Louis. He made it to that center, but passed away there.

Not only was the man making the turn given a citation for that illegal maneuver, but it also turned out that he did not have the proper motorcycle certification to be riding the bike at all. As of now, additional charges haven’t been announced, though the authorities are looking into it to see if they’re needed.

Those who are injured in accidents may have a right to compensation, and it’s important to note that the same can be true for those who have lost loved ones in motorcycle wrecks.

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