Unable to work, coach decides to sue 92-year-old man

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November 20, 2015

A coach from Libertyville High School, who coaches football and baseball, was involved in a car accident this summer. His injuries were such that he has been forced to step away from coaching and has not worked since. Because of this, he’s now decided to sue the man who caused the accident, a 92-year-old driver.

The accident, which happened on July 18, was a head-on collision. The elderly man was given charges for improper lane usage, and he has since pleaded guilty to those charges. The crash happened in Wilmette, out on Skokie Road, where it gets close to Central Avenue. It appears that the older man was driving north and slammed into the coach’s car.

The coach is asking for compensatory damages of $50,000. He also wants a punitive amount that has not been reported.

After the wreck, the coach needed spinal fusion surgery. He had herniated discs. As of now, his legal team is reporting that he remains under a doctor’s care, even months later.

The coach is also a teacher at LHS, where he teaches physical welfare classes. He is primarily the baseball coach, but spends the football season on the staff for that team, focusing on the quarterbacks and receivers. It appears that he has not been able to go back to any of this because of his injuries.

Those who are injured in car accidents that are so clearly caused by other people in Illinois need to know what rights they have to seek compensation. They may be able to get financial compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.

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