Drivers have to give motorcycles the entire lane

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May 26, 2016

Motorcycles are vastly smaller than cars and many people have never driven or ridden on them before. This can lead to the incorrect assumption that the motorcycle doesn’t need the whole lane. The reality is that motorcycles absolutely deserve the entire lane and drivers must treat them the same way they’d treat another car or truck.

You may be surprised how many accidents happen because of this. In some cases, drivers may try to pass motorcycles in the same lane, the way you’d pass a bicycle. This is reckless and dangerous.

Experts note that left-hand turn accidents are also common. These can happen when a bike is going through the intersection and the driver doesn’t see it because it’s so small. They can also happen, though, when drivers do not yield the right of way.

When turning left, drivers have to give the right of way first to through traffic and then to traffic coming toward them and turning right. This is true whether the right turn puts the opposing vehicle on a two-lane road or a one-lane road. In some cases, drivers turn left anyway, while motorcycles are turning right, thinking the small bikes do not need the entire lane, and this can cause serious accidents.

Remember, even low-speed accidents can be serious for motorcycle riders, who have little to protect them and could be left with life-altering injuries. If you’ve been injured in Illinois and you want to find out what legal options you have to get compensation, especially for permanent injuries, we urge you to check out our site to learn more.