Watch out for falling merchandise in warehouse stores

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July 22, 2016

Big box stores are essentially warehouses that have been converted into sales floors. Rather than having one warehouse with all of the inventory and a smaller store where items are sold, and then having to restock constantly from the warehouse, retailers just decided to utilize the sprawling spaces to cram as many items as possible into one building. These stores often have very high ceilings with shelves going far higher than normal, as extra stock is just stored above what is being sold.

The idea behind these stores is that items can be sold for less. Consumers like the savings and are more prone to shop there. However, there is also a level of risk. Merchandise could fall on people working in the store or on the shoppers themselves, due to the warehouse-like setup. In some cases, entire pallets of merchandise are kept in the store, so the weight can be easily enough to cause serious injuries.

Some of the reasons that these accidents happen include the following:

— Products on the shelves, either on overstock shelves or on display, have not been secured properly. — These products and/or shelves are unstable. — Workers have to move the merchandise around, and it could fall in the process. — The shipping pallets or the shelving units themselves could be damaged. — Workers could be negligent when using forklifts and other machines.

Savings are great, but not when you suffer significant injuries trying to get the lowest price in town. If you have been hurt by falling items in Illinois, you may be able to seek financial compensation.

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