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What medical damages may be covered after a crash?

You can claim damages for many things after a crash, such as the cost to fix physical damage to your car or lost wages if you can’t go to work or even lose your job as a result of the accident. One of the primary things that people in Illinois are concerned with after an accident, though, is how to get compensation for medical costs. Below are a few things you may want to claim:

— The cost of physical therapy while you rehab injured body parts. — The cost of cognitive therapy if you have suffered a brain injury. — The cost of talking to consultants and health care professionals. — The cost of emergency services, such as ambulance fees. — The long-lasting cost of a disfigurement. This can be lumped in with pain and suffering, and it’s important to remember that a disfigurement can drastically impact your quality of life, even after medical care has been given. — The cost of accessories that you need, like crutches or a cane. — In-home services to help you cope in the wake of the accident. — The cost of a permanent disability. This could include the loss of your job and the need for in-home care for the rest of your life.

Many of these costs can be substantial, to the point that paying for them on your own may be impossible. In these cases, it’s especially important to know what rights you have to seek compensation so that the accident does not cause you to fall into bankruptcy in the years to come.

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