Lawsuit says EOS lip balm causes rashes and blisters

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January 22, 2017

A lip balm manufacturer called EOS has come under fire lately, as a new lawsuit claims that there can be negative health impacts to using the product. A woman is claiming that she experienced blisters and a rash when she put the product on, and it was so bad that she had to go get medical help.

The lawsuit also says that EOS has been deceptive to consumers about the way that the lip balm works and what it can do.

The company does not appear to take this lightly, but it also does not agree with the allegations. EOS said that there is no merit to the claims, and even took a moment to advertise the product, noting that it was both gluten free and all natural.

The woman who had such trouble claims that it happened when she decided to reapply the product after having already put it on once. This is a common thing to do in the dry, cold winter months in Illinois.

The problems allegedly began cropping up just hours after she started using the product. She said her lips dried out and started feeling even more coarse, the opposite of what she expected, and eventually felt like sandpaper. She needed medical attention for the rash and blisters the following day, and she didn’t see the symptoms go away until 10 days had passed.

The lawsuit does target a specific variety of the lip balm, named “Summer Fruit”. According to reports, people who promote it include celebrities like Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian.

Those who have been harmed or injured in any way by a defective product may have a right to compensation.

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