Unsafe stairwells can be a true hazard for Illinois citizens

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January 20, 2017

Most people do not think twice when ascending or descending a stairwell. Typically, it is a safe experience as well as beneficial to one’s overall health. However, some stairs are not as safe as others are which can lead to tripping or slip-and-fall accidents.

As you might expect, falling inside a stairwell may result in serious injuries that could affect your ability to work. If the injuries are severe enough, they can also cause financial hardships such as lost wages and medical expenses. In the interest of staying safe in apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals and other places, here are a few signs of an unsafe stairwell.

— Inadequate lighting or burned out bulbs

— Worn treads and uneven stairs

— Missing, broken or loose handrails

— Absent light switches

— Presence of debris or stored items

— No slip-resistant surfaces

— Presence of ice, snow or water

In our practice, we have helped many Illinois residents who were injured inside an unsafe stairwell. Property owners have a duty to ensure the safety of those who frequent their property. It when these property owners fail to live up their duty that the unthinkable can occur.

We understand that it is not your job to make sure the stairwells you use are as safe as possible. However, if you do become injured inside an unsafe stairwell, it is beneficial to know what might have caused the accident to occur. This knowledge will help you and your personal injury lawyer determine if your situation is right for a premises liability suit. Learn more about premises safety issues and their available legal remedies on our website.