Practice safe driving in Illinois in all weather conditions

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February 14, 2017

Avoiding a truck or car accident is everyone’s main goal while driving in Illinois. Watching out for other drivers, following the rules of the road and complying with traffic laws go a long way towards achieving your safe driving goals. However, inclement weather can throw a kink into your plans before you know it, resulting in car accidents if you or other drivers are unprepared.

When drivers know what to expect, and more importantly, what to do in bad weather, it can make the roads safer for all Illinois residents. Instead of simply taking your chances in severe rain, snow, ice or wind, consider preparing yourself for all types of weather by learning how to handle your automobile in less-than-ideal conditions.

Below are some safe driving tips for severe weather conditions common in Illinois.

— Rain and thunderstorms: Use your headlights to increase visibility, keep your car’s windows clear, drive slowly, check the radio for updates and avoid flooded roadways.

— Snow and ice: Drive slower than you normally would, approach bridges with caution as they may be icy, be careful when braking and keep your windows clear and free of snow, ice or inside condensation.

— Severe wind: Watch for flying debris, be cautious near tall and boxy vehicles and avoid driving trailers, vans or SUVs in severe wind conditions.

While you cannot control how other motorists operate their vehicles in extreme weather, you can still reduce your risk of experiencing a car accident by following the above safe driving tips. If the worst happens and a negligent driver causes you injury in a preventable car accident, a personal injury attorney can help you find a legal solution for your suffering.

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